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Van Nuys Prop Park Important Update!

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Dear Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association Members, Pilots and Friends:

As you know, Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association has been fighting for THE PROP PARK for a decade and has been working behind the scenes with the developer and L.A. World Airports (LAWA) from the start.  So here is a very important update about THE PROP PARK as well as some background to provide context:

Pacific Aviation Development (PAD) was awarded THE PROP PARK lease in 2011.  Because of the slow progress of the project, the company changed the project’s management in January, 2014.  We met with the new management this past month as well as with LAWA to discuss this significant development.  For those who may not know, LAWA manages KVNY.  Their support of this project is essential for its completion.

After a very candid and detailed meeting with the new managers of PAD, we were very impressed with their plan and projections for moving this project forward in a timely fashion.  Similarly, the new managers have the support of LAWA which is essential to its success.  We are optimistic that THE PROP PARK will become a reality soon and encourage you to look for the signs of progress that have already begun.  Concrete is again being poured for the new hangar pads.

We endorse the new managers of PAD wholeheartedly.  Below is a letter of introduction from the new management of PAD.  After many years of anticipation and frustration, we believe we have good reason for optimism and hope you will join us in supporting them.

Best regards,

The Board of Directors
Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association


We are very excited about our new role on the Prop Park project. Though we have been silent partners in Pacific Aviation Development for many years, a point has come where we were asked to take the lead to rapidly move this project ahead and over the finish line to completion.

Though we were a little apprehensive at first, due to the complexity of this project and the varied different needs of the many constituents , the support we have received recently from all sides has been tremendous and very much appreciated.

You will be seeing quite a bit of action on site. We plan to have the T-hangar area ready for move-in by June, and will then begin construction of the first 2 new hangar buildings during the summer. These will be ready for move-in during the winter months.

We thank you for your extreme patience over the last few years, and wish to assure you that we intend to build a showcase facility for general aviation, and a future hub for the aviation community.

Neil Sherman      Eric Steinhauer

LAWA"s letter of support

LAWA’s support of the Prop Park and new management team