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Latest News… Prop Park Update

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We’ve been receiving calls, emails and hearing about work stoppage at the Park. Yes, the park construction is awaiting the approval of a ”Storm Water Pollution Prevention plan”. This only means that the crews cannot pour concrete or dig dirt but likely this issue will be rectified in a few days to a max of two weeks. With regard to any code violations, there has been nothing coming from LAWA or LADBS. On the contrary, per LAWA we are free to move the hangars on site. Right now Hangar movement can and is moving according to schedule. One hangar owner has already begun the transfer process to the West side and more are expected soon. Please convey to those at interest that these matters are being taken seriously and progress is continuing.

Please be sure to direct any inquiries to the Park Van Nuys and VNY Prop websites for up to date responses on progress and any issues.


Your board of Directors,
VNY Prop