The Park Van Nuys in association with VNY Prop and Los Angeles World Airports is sponsoring a major 3 day Fly in September 14-16 at the Prop Park. This is a full scale event featuring key note speaker Rod Machado. In addition, Barry Schiff will present, as well as Saturday’s movie night ¬†screening of “16 Right” and “Living in the age of Airplanes”. AOPA will be represented by Bill Dunn.

During this event the Van Nuys Prop Park will be transformed into a major aviation get together where airplane groups of all kinds will fly in and converge: From Dukes to T-6’s, Swifts to Yaks, and mainstream aircraft like Cirrus and Bonanzas alike.

Join us for two pancake breakfasts¬† from the 99’s and the Greater Los Angeles Rotary Club. Enjoy Free food from Pacific Aviation Development, as well as sponsored offerings from businesses around Van Nuys.

VNY Prop will be using this event as a fundraiser and membership drive to increase our member base. For your membership dues of $25 you will receive a commemorative ball cap which will be your ticket to unlocking special privileges at the event and around the business community after the fly-in. Click Here for more details including the full program and logistics information for arriving pilots and walk-in attendees. This is a registgered event. Go to: to register!