About Us

By, for and about VNY propeller aircraft pilots and enthusiasts

“VNY Prop” is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of aircraft owners, pilots, aviation enthusiasts, homeowners, business operators and other individuals who have joined together to promote and enhance the value of general aviation and to assure that propeller aircraft and related businesses are a viable presence at the Van Nuys Airport.

In addition to sharing the joy of flying, our purpose is to provide a means of communication between individuals concerned with propeller aircraft and groups such as the Los Angeles World Airports Association (LAWA), major leaseholders, and the community around Van Nuys Airport.

The mission of the Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association is:

1. To serve as an action group in support of propeller aircraft owners, pilots and businesses at the Van Nuys Airport, to secure adequate space for storing propeller aircraft, maintain a healthy climate for related businesses, and to keep rental rates competitive with surrounding airports.

2. To focus public awareness on the importance of propeller aircraft as an asset to the community and to the lifestyle of the surrounding area.

3. To create and grow a thriving and vital community of pilots, aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts at VNY, enhancing the fun, utility and safety of flying.

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