Back From The Aviation Expo

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Hi Everyone,

I have returned from the Flying magazine’s First annual Aviation Expo for 2014 and it was great! I have been involved in a lot of trade shows and this one was extremely well planned and prepared for. After the AOPA decided to downsize their events after 2013, Flying Magazine decided to take the reins. And they really did it big. The Parade of Planes proceeded, as in previous years, with several dozen aircraft roaring down the streets from Palm Springs Airport to the Convention Center where they were parked for the duration of the show.

Inside, there were a wealth of exhibitors, Keynote presentations and intelligent seminars on relevant topics, including several areas of flight safety, the debate about the FAA and their position on UAV’s in commercial airspace, and disruptive technologies. It’s not what you think…disruptive in the sense that it forever changes the way pilots and aviation proceeds in the future, very cool concepts.

flight simulation was well presented with the highlight event being the IMC Club’s Instrument proficiency area where pilots took to a flock of Redbird Simulators for 3 levels of instrument landings. ATC was provided by Pilot Edge which made for an extremely realistic experience. You could actually get signed off by participating.

Click here to go to the events page and view the video I am producing. I’l be adding a lot more in the coming days…so stay tuned!


Back From the Flying Magazine Aviation Expo!

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Hey Everyone,
I just got back from covering the first annual Flying Magazine Aviation Expo in Palm Springs CA. It’s been a whirlwind of exhibits, seminars, special events, and excellent aircraft to get up close and personal with. The show started off with the traditional Parade of Planes roaring down the city streets from the airport to the Palm Springs Convention Center. On Holloween night I attended the the Expo’s big party at the air museum, featuring the Saga Strings. These gals can really play! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting much more soon…

The "red hot" Saga Strings at the expo's Holloween party

The “red hot” Saga Strings at the expo’s Holloween party


Wow, the prop wash flipped me right over!


Prop Park Update

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Hello Fellow Aviators,

Here is the latest overhead photo of the Prop Park. Hangars are moving and the 3rd dimension is taking shape! This photo was taken September 9th. And since then, several box hangars have been added. This week T-hangars are on the move as well. The edges where the hangar rows meet the main taxiway have been feathered in with asphalt so travel by aircraft is now possible. We’ll try and get up for another photo next week.


VNY Prop Board of Directors


Latest News… Prop Park Update

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We’ve been receiving calls, emails and hearing about work stoppage at the Park. Yes, the park construction is awaiting the approval of a ”Storm Water Pollution Prevention plan”. This only means that the crews cannot pour concrete or dig dirt but likely this issue will be rectified in a few days to a max of two weeks. With regard to any code violations, there has been nothing coming from LAWA or LADBS. On the contrary, per LAWA we are free to move the hangars on site. Right now Hangar movement can and is moving according to schedule. One hangar owner has already begun the transfer process to the West side and more are expected soon. Please convey to those at interest that these matters are being taken seriously and progress is continuing.

Please be sure to direct any inquiries to the Park Van Nuys and VNY Prop websites for up to date responses on progress and any issues.


Your board of Directors,
VNY Prop



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Greetings to the Van Nuys Prop Association and aviation community.

As promised we are delivering updates on the movement to complete the Prop Park at Van Nuys. This is the latest information.

As you can see from the photos there has been significant construction accomplished including most of the pads being poured as well as completion of the underground fire loop.  In process are the underground electrical, water and sewer extensions. As the end of May approaches paving is expected to commence soon.

The area should be ready for hangars to move in by the beginning of June.

Questions may be directed to Eric Steinhauer or Neil Sherman at Pacific Aviation Development.


Your VNY Prop Board of Directors



Van Nuys Prop Park Important Update!

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Dear Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association Members, Pilots and Friends:

As you know, Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association has been fighting for THE PROP PARK for a decade and has been working behind the scenes with the developer and L.A. World Airports (LAWA) from the start.  So here is a very important update about THE PROP PARK as well as some background to provide context:

Pacific Aviation Development (PAD) was awarded THE PROP PARK lease in 2011.  Because of the slow progress of the project, the company changed the project’s management in January, 2014.  We met with the new management this past month as well as with LAWA to discuss this significant development.  For those who may not know, LAWA manages KVNY.  Their support of this project is essential for its completion.

After a very candid and detailed meeting with the new managers of PAD, we were very impressed with their plan and projections for moving this project forward in a timely fashion.  Similarly, the new managers have the support of LAWA which is essential to its success.  We are optimistic that THE PROP PARK will become a reality soon and encourage you to look for the signs of progress that have already begun.  Concrete is again being poured for the new hangar pads.

We endorse the new managers of PAD wholeheartedly.  Below is a letter of introduction from the new management of PAD.  After many years of anticipation and frustration, we believe we have good reason for optimism and hope you will join us in supporting them.

Best regards,

The Board of Directors
Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association


We are very excited about our new role on the Prop Park project. Though we have been silent partners in Pacific Aviation Development for many years, a point has come where we were asked to take the lead to rapidly move this project ahead and over the finish line to completion.

Though we were a little apprehensive at first, due to the complexity of this project and the varied different needs of the many constituents , the support we have received recently from all sides has been tremendous and very much appreciated.

You will be seeing quite a bit of action on site. We plan to have the T-hangar area ready for move-in by June, and will then begin construction of the first 2 new hangar buildings during the summer. These will be ready for move-in during the winter months.

We thank you for your extreme patience over the last few years, and wish to assure you that we intend to build a showcase facility for general aviation, and a future hub for the aviation community.

Neil Sherman      Eric Steinhauer

LAWA"s letter of support

LAWA’s support of the Prop Park and new management team

Community Technology

Welcome to the new website

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It was time for an update, so here it is!

In an effort to bring you the easiest access to information about the Van Nuys Airport, we’ve decided to revamp our website.  Always a work in progress, but some of the cool new features:

  • Categorized access to information (over there on the right)
  • The ability to comment or ask questions right at the bottom of each post
  • The entire site is searchable
  • A simple contact form for questions
  • Designed to display perfectly on tablets (like the iPad) and a mobile version for smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
  • Sign up or pay your dues with a credit card right here on the site
  • Most importantly – it’s easy for US to update, so we’ll be providing you with more frequent news and goings on.

We’re here to serve the Van Nuys Airport community, so that means we need feedback.  Like the site?  Hate it? Have suggestions?  Just sign in and comment below.  We’ll do our best.

Airport News

LAWA to study giving Van Nuys Airport autonomy

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Reprinted from the Daily News – by Rick Orlov, Staff Writer) With San Fernando Valley activists feeling the city ignores or misunderstands their concerns about Van Nuys Airport, the City Council on Wednesday approved a study looking at creating a separate commission to oversee the facility.

Currently, Los Angeles World Airports and the Board of Airport Commissioners oversee Van Nuys, along with Los Angeles International and Ontario International airports.

“Los Angeles World Airports staff has focused on LAX with Van Nuys Airport receiving little if any attention over the years,” said Don Schultz, a longtime community activist. “Look at the years it has taken to finalize a simple project such as the Propeller Park.

“Ontario International Airport has also voiced deep concerns as to how LAWA staff has ignored their needs and they are pursuing becoming the masters of their own destiny through the state Legislature by divorcing themselves from the LAWA family.”

A separate Van Nuys operation would allow LAWA to deal solely with LAX issues, Schultz said.

Councilman Tony Cardenas said many other residents who live in the area feel the same way.

“This airport is an asset for the city and is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country,” Cardenas said. “We have to make sure that it continues to thrive.”

The proposal asks LAWA to report back in six months on three options for the airport, including plans for greater community oversight, creating a separate commission or the possibility of turning over the airport to private operators.

Wayne Williams, a member of the Van Nuys Airport Advisory Council, said he believes there needs to be more attention paid to recommendations made by the advisory panel.

“I think we have a very good panel these days, one that represents all interests at the airport from propellers to jets as well as the community,” Williams said. “I’m not sure we need a separate commission as much as a way for our recommendations to be heard and acted on.

Airport News

AOPA, TSA call on pilots to do their part – Airport Watch

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Lock Up Look Out.” That’s the new message from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to pilots and others in the general aviation (GA) industry. AOPA and the TSA have once again teamed up to completely update the highly successful AOPA Airport Watch program, providing tips on keeping their aircraft and airports secure to every pilot in the country.

“Airport Watch works. We know it. The TSA knows it,” said AOPA President Phil Boyer. “Now we1ve completely updated the program, incorporating all we1ve learned since it started nearly four years ago.”

Fashioned after the successful neighborhood watch program, AOPA’s Airport Watch calls on pilots, aircraft owners, business owners, and others who are regularly at their local airport, to be the eyes and ears needed to keep that area secure. The program also encourages pilots to lock their airplanes and hangars after each use, and ask others to do the same.

AOPA’s Airport Watch encourages anyone who notices something suspicious to report it by calling the toll-free hotline, 866-GA-SECURE, or 911 if immediate response is needed. 866-GA-SECURE is staffed 24/7 by TSA employees, and each incident that is reported is investigated.

“Airport Watch is a simple, cost-effective program that works at all airports,” said Boyer. “If eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, then we1re taking this opportunity to remind pilots to protect their freedom to fly by keeping a watchful eye on their local airports.”

As part of the updated program, AOPA and TSA this week mailed a letter, brochure, and Airport Watch decals to every pilot in the country. In addition, airport managers, state aviation directors, select state legislators, and many FAA offices will receive a training DVD about Airport Watch and are asked to promote the program.

For more information, go to www.aopa.org/airportwatch